Rasto in appreciation to the people who kept his flame burning during the most adverse times:

To Professors, sculptors Ludovit Korkos and Antonin Drexler, Professor Jozef Brimmich for his parting words at graduation: “stay on course and do not give up”; To Mr. Clement Noel Beauchamp, chairman of NCC, for advice: “do not waste your ammo on distance and keep reserves”; To dear friend Joseph Kun, violin maker, for the inspiration: “work like Michelangelo – till your socks grow into your feet”; To Dr. Vladimir Sistek, director of Czecho Slovak Society for Arts and Sciences, and Joseph Dlouhy PhD.; To Florida sculptor Michael Schreck for his: “Bravo!!!”, and encouragement; To Mrs. Margaret Virany, who understood where Rasto was coming from and where he was going; To Professor Brychta and Professor Michael J. Flack GSPIA from the University of Pittsburgh, for inviting Rasto to present his development at the university (unfortunately the time, 1982, was not right as Rasto in the first place needed to have his art recognized as such); To Norma Burlington Stang, for the many years of inspiration; To Mr. Akihiko Honda, president of Hakone Open Air Museum, a man with vision; To Cesar Baldaccini for the heartily handshake with invitation to come and work in France; To the chance meeting with the professor of Economy from the Institute of Economy, Paris, who asked the permission to present Rasto’s Multiple Thought and Understanding in support of a new economic proposal at the Institute.; And to the many great people Rasto had the privilege to encounter, but most of all his family in the Slovak republic and his immediate family.